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What is the Local Mental Health Board
Mental Health Boards were created in 1957, when the State of California passed the Short-Doyle Act, which made counties responsible for providing treatment and care for the mentally ill through a community-based and community-operated mental health system.  These boards, mandated by law, were seen as a key mechanism for assuring citizen involvement and therefore accountability for the mental health systems in the communities which they serve.

In 1992-93, California passed the Bronzan-McCorquodale Act, which significantly changed mental health services, with more of the focus and responsibility passing to the counties. With everything except for the state hospitals now being county-run, the Legislature also made changes to the advisory structure by increasing the number of consumers and family members required to be on the Board. The Mental Health Boards remain the primary vehicle for citizens to have oversight of the administration and provision of the services funded by their tax dollars.

Yolo County Local Mental Health Advisory Board Webpage
Includes meeting agenda; bylaws and members

Monthly Meeting Schedule, Agenda, Minutes
Meetings are open to all interested citizens and are held on the 4th Monday of each month beginning at 7pm and alternate between Davis, Woodland and West Sacramento.

Board Membership
Mental Health Boards are required to represent proportionately, the populations and stakeholders interested in mental health services. To be specific, the board is required by law to reflect the ethnic diversity of the county's client population. Additionally, fifty percent of the board members are required to be mental health consumers or family members, with at least 20% consumers, 20% family members.  Yolo County’s Local Mental Health Board has 15 members.  At least 8 members must be mental health consumers or family members. County supervisors appoint three representatives from their district.

Board Positions
If you are interested in applying, fill out an application either online  or download an application.  (You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to download this form. Acrobat Reader is free. Click here to download)

  · Applicant must be a resident of Yolo County.
  · Applicant must be a citizen of the United States.
  · Neither the Applicant nor their spouse can be employed by the Yolo County Department of Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health.

Reference:  San Francisco Mental Health Board website.