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Questions and Answers

QUESTION: Can someone with a mental health problem get help in Yolo County  if they aren't working and have no health insurance?  

Medical treatment for children and adults who have bouts of extreme moods, such as depression, hyperactivity or anxiety, and for people who have very confused thoughts and extremely eccentric ideas is available to people without income or health insurance at the Yolo County Department of Mental Health. For residents of Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, Woodland and the rest of Yolo County the number to call during business hours Monday-Friday is 530-666-8630. If you feel your need for help is urgent, be sure to tell them so; ask to talk to a member of the crisis team.. (In Sacramento, call the Sacramento Mental Health Center at 916-732-3637.)

A sympathetic listener is available 24-hours a day. The service is called Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services; their phone numbers in Yolo County are:

 Davis - 530-756-5000 
 Woodland - 530-666-7778 , 
 West Sacramento - 916-372-6565 . 
 Sacramento- 916-368-3111.

Afterhours and on Weekends
A Yolo County Mental Health crisis worker is on call after regular hours and on weekends. To reach them, phone County Communications at
1-888-965-6647; This center answers the phone "Communications" or "Dispatch."  Don't hang up.  Ask for the Mental Health Crisis Team Member On Call, leave your phone number, and they will call you back.  (In Sacramento, call the Sacramento Mental Health Center at 916-732-3637, twenty-four hours a day.)

Bauer Building,137 North Cottonwood, Suite 1530m Woodland
People with mental illness can often benefit from supplemental services besides medical treatment. In Yolo County, the Wellness Center in Woodland can be a gateway into those services.
Any person with mental illness who has Medi-Cal insurance is welcome to drop in and participate in activities. These programs  also can provide referral to a benefit specialist to help people without health insurance and little or no income get benefits to help them get needed treatment.

The Wellness Center has active programs 5 days a week and includes  groups such as career/education, job readiness, life skills, healthy relationships, relaxation . . . as well as time for arts and crafts, sports, games, etc.  Additionally a variety of activities and groups are offered such as dual diagnosis, physical wellness, social skills, temper tamers, creative writing, cooking, movies, etc.

For information about the Wellness Center call Yolo County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health at the Woodland Clinic 530-666-8630

In Sacramento, the Consumer Self-Help Centers clubhouses are at 916-737-7100 and 916-348-1428.  Please note that because of all the California and County budget cuts to mental health programs, these clubhouses might no longer be operating

NAMI Support
We, NAMI, are a support and advocacy group. We would be glad to listen and encourage you as you explore treatment opportunities. Our monthly potluck gatherings are listed on our website, or phone NAMI F.I.R.S.T. (our Family Information and Referral Service Telephone) at 756-8181; leave your name and phone number, mention that you'd like a call from NAMI, and one of our members will phone you soon.