an invitation
by Amy Holverstott, 2003

come and begin
please start again
your not alone, so come
join us on life's stage
don't bottle it up
you'll explode
you don't have to worry
about reciting lines
there's no need to plan what you say
everyone's got their own little way of seeing reality from their point of view
every life on earth is a different
version of reality
what's reality anyways?
Make this your own play
your message to us
express what you believe
and if you're not the type to talk a lot
write it all down for us to read!
we're all actors
we're all writers
we're all poets
we're all dancers
performing in the cycle of life
we're all teachers
we're all children
we are all six billion things at once
and I'm inviting you now to make your contribution for your sake,
ours and theirs!