Amy Holverstott
January 14, 1984 - December 6, 2003

Amy Elizabeth Holverstott couldn't wait to enter the world and bounded into it three months early on January 14, 1984 in Sacramento, California. An extraordinary fighter from the beginning, Amy grew up loved and talented. Excelling in academics, ballet, soccer and music, she took to life with gusto and joy.

In June of 1999, she began a new chapter in her life; she voluntarily entered various programs for the treatment of mental illness. She eagerly and consistently sought information, insight and skills to deal with this new and difficult aspect of her life. She benefited from the care, skill and love of many programs, professionals and organizations, both locally and in other parts of the state and country, for four years.  On December 6, 2003,  Amy lost her battle with mental illness.  She was 19.

Throughout her  life, Amy shared her thoughts and feelings through her writing and poetry, some of which you can read here.  Amy's parents, Jim Holverstott and Pat Todesco hope that her thoughts and words can provide insight to people  dealing with the challenges of living with a mental illness, their family and friends.